S’accepter, l’histoire d’une vie ?

A travers ce blog, je partage avec vous
des bouts de mon quotidien, avec mes remises en question, mes doutes, mes joies, et mon envie de déconstruire ce qu’une femme devrait être ou non.

Le livre "Déclaration d'amour"

I want this book to be a tribute to women. I want them to open it, read it, and close it while realizing that growing old isn't the end of the world, no matter the age. I want them to realize that, in fact, it's starting at the age of 40 that we really begin to live and love ourselves. I want this book to reassure those who are afraid and to accompany those on their journey to self-love. It will not be an homage to the beauty sold through magazines, but the story of these women who accept themselves as they are.

— Jasmin Hourlier

Photo : Mathilde Giron
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Who's that girl?

Born and raised in Reims, I decided to step out of my comfort zone once I was done with school.

I did an European Voluntary Service for one year in Germany, after that, I worked a year and a half in San Francisco (California baby), then I lived 8 years in Canada (2 years in Montreal and 6 in Toronto).

In short, I've been away for 10 years.

I have been back to France since September 2014 and I try as much as possible to take things day by day.

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